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Why design baby products that fold flat? [Feb 2007]

One of my first memories of making something was when I was quite young- I think I was four years old. I made a small umbrella that opened and shut. My father was so surprised he took it to work to show everyone.

Many years later I came to Sydney. I saved up and purchased the largest apartment I could afford. It was one bedroom and tiny. It was full of things. Then I got married. With two of us there, the problem got worse. My new wife Elizabeth was understandably not content- either the apartment had to be less cluttered, or at least the clutter had to look good. I remember wanting to buy a magazine, but not knowing where I could put it since the place was so stuffed full.

I would look at things and wonder how they could fold flat- very flat. I wondered how things could look good when folded flat- good enough to leave out, rather than have to stuff them into an already full cupboard.

10 months ago, I became a father. With a baby came even more things. This inspired me to design a range of baby products that can be folded flat, or assembled and disassembled easily.