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After 7pm when the baby has gone to bed, it is great to be able to turn the room into an adult environment. Most

high chairs

seemed to be bulky when they were folded up. We needed something that could slide in next to the fridge. This high chair is 4cm thick when folded up. There seems to be a tendency with baby products to keep adding features. The problem with this is that it makes the product appear complicated and difficult to use. Sometimes features that appear important when making a purchase (like upholstry and sliding trays) can also turn out to be totally unnecessary.They can actually make the use of the product more difficult. In the case of the high chair- upholstry and sliding trays amke it difficult to clean. Amongst parents there is therfore a trend towards purchasing a fully featured pram or high chair to begin with, then finding these products too difficult to use and purchasing a simpler item to replace it.

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